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i got a pirate horrorscope!

It's your Unbirthday season, Pisces--that upside-down, backwards, yet oddly full-of-grace time halfway between your last birthday and your next. I can't buy each of you an Unbirthday present, but if I could, it would be a gift certificate to the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco. There you could buy Jolly Roger flags, eyepatches, plundered treasure chests, lessons in how to whistle while eating saltines, tubs of lard (good for hair-styling and skin moisturizing as well as cooking), and a broadside featuring the text, "The Journey of the Fishes Overland." Believe it or not, all these would be quite practical. They'd inspire you to cultivate a devil-may-care mood, which would be perfect during your Unbirthday season. (A Web version of the store is at, and no, I don't get a kickback.)
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